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Butter Cream Roses
Butter cream Roses are made from our delicious butter cream frosting. These flowers are beautiful as they are delicious. Butter cream Roses may be tinted to the colors of your choosing.

White Chocolate Roses
Our delicious white chocolate roses are handmade to perfection. The chocolate may be tinted to your color preference. White chocolate Roses are available as an upgrade.

Sugar-paste Flowers
Sugar-paste flowers are handmade,  painted flowers made from sugar. They look similar to ceramic flowers. We have a wide selection of flowers and colors to choose from. Sugar-paste flowers are available as an upgrade. Prices vary depending on flower or bouquet type.

Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers add life to your wedding cake. Our wedding cake designers are skilled at creating custom flower arrangements. As an upgrade, we can decorate your wedding cake with fresh flowers of your choice. Flowers must be decorated by Bridal Cakes prior to delivery. Flowers must be provided by your florist and delivered to Bridal Cakes two days prior to your wedding.

Silk Flowers
If you still want the look of fresh flowers but don't want real flowers on your cake, you can choose to use silk flowers. Silk Flowers a great alternative for guests that may have allergies to fresh flowers. Silk flowers are available as an upgrade.

Flower Arrangements, Bouquets, and Toppers
Flowers can be decorated in many different positions and styles. Please consult with a wedding cake designer during your consultation with your ideas. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the arrangement.

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Butter Cream Roses

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Sugar-Paste Roses

Fresh Roses

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