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Piped Designs

To add more depth and texture to your wedding cake, we have created a variety of different piped butter cream designs. Some of our more popular piped designs include scrolls, lace, hearts and scrolls, and swiss dots.

These designs appear on the sides of each layer. You may choose a different design for each layer or choose one for the entire cake. These designs may be tinted to the colors of your wedding, or be more subtle and match the color of your cake to add depth.

Most piped designs are included in the base price of the cake. More detailed piped designs are available as an upgrade. Price varies depending on the level of detail of the design and the number of tiers of your cake. A complete list with pictures is located in our wedding cake guide/organizer which is available for download.

image Click to Download Design Guide / Organizer

Cake Image

Above: Picture of our elegant scroll piped design from our cake organizer.

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